• Sam-A

Sam A McLoughlin / The Dawn Trance

After being left rather impressed by a performance at 2015’s Tor Fest, Rural Colours are very pleased to bring you an EP of scrappy percussive loveliness from Todmorden’s Sam McLoughlin. You may have come across his work under various guises including N Racker and Tongues of Light, each taking on different restrictions or ways of working.

The Dawn Trance sees a focus on the soft atmosphere of the start of the day, using his collection of homemade instruments, found objects, analogue synths and harmonium, which can be seen in action in his many youtube videos. Sparked off by a recording made at sunrise at Formby beach, the EP drifts through an almost dreamlike state, reconnecting with a near forgotten time of day and marking a new chapter in Sam McLoughlin’s life.


This is Rural Colours 78
Artwork by Katie English