Rural Colours aims to be more than an internet record label. We yearn for something more than just releasing one album after another into the vast sea of music releases that occur everyday online.

For more info / bookings email us: ruralcolours AT gmail DOT COM


Phase 1: Rural Colours was started by Jonathan Lees in 2010 to release the ever increasing amount of good demos he was receiving for his other label Hibernate. It started off life as a subscription label, every month subscribers would receive a pack of three 3″ CDr EPs kept in a handsewn bag. There were only 10 made of the first pack but within a year there were over 60 packs being made every month. This eventually took its toll making 180 CDrs every month and the subscription series ended in June 2011.

Phase 2: Due to (un)popular demand we continued to release music and kept to our handmade ethics. Our first full album was released on CD not CDr in September 2011, we reached a milestone with our 50th release in March 2012 and continued to put out “good” music until October 2013.

Phase 3: After a long break we returned in April 2014 with the critically acclaimed album “Euplexia” by Isnaj Dui that got reviewed in many places including The Wire magazine as well as being shortlisted for the 2014 Dead Albatross awards. Also in 2014 we put out our first ever vinyl, therefore establishing us finally as a “proper” record label.

Phase 4: tba…